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Welcome to The Druid Game!

You're a guardian of the old forest where plants, animals and other living beings lived in peace and harmony. They called you: Druid.

As a druid you have knowledge how to care about livings and how to protect them from dangers and enemies. Magic is your ally and you know how to prepare magic potions. Special herbs and cauldron will be needed to brew such mixtures.

Now evil came to the woods and distorted animals and most of the intelligent beings into aggressive predators.

Your mission is to find out what happened and bring the balance to the forest.

This game is in the beta stage. If you like the idea of this game just try it! Play, test and share your thoughts about it in the comments. New ideas and observations could help us a lot!

We need to know if the game is interesting and how much people would like to play it.

How to play:

Use arrows keys to move the druid, press space key to fire. On Windows you can play with XBOX360 but only moving druid and fire are implemented. The rest things must be done with mouse and keyboard.

Potion can be drunk (and the given spell will be cast) by clicking on it with the mouse.

Some of the spells require position where they'll be cast (for example golem like spells). Point the location with the mouse and click left button.

In cauldrons new potions can be prepared. You need herbs and formulas to do this. Herbs can be gathered in the forest and have different power. They will grew up again in some time. When player enter cauldron a new window will shown up. Select a recipe from the bottom panel by clicking on it. Add as many herbs as is needed to get required spell power. Remaining power points in the cauldron are forfeited.

Enjoy and thank you!


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