A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Made with Leadwerks engine for The Halloween 2017 Game Jam.

 This is a short and spooky adventure game. You're coming back home with friends and suddenly something terrible happened.

 Play this game to find out if you're a hero or just a coward who can leave friends alone in the dark...


WASD plus mouse - movement

1, 2 - weapon selection

E - interaction with the environment

F - flashlight on/off (if found)

ESC - game settings


Note - if game crashes please disabling the vert sync in the game settings and/or changing the resolution to 1280x720.

Install instructions

Please decompress the package and execute the main file.

Requires Microsoft Windows Redistributable 2015 (Windows version) and OpenAL (Windows and Linux versions) .


TheCemetery.7z 179 MB

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